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Send Your Feedback for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate BETA


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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 Final is available

Top detection rate, while never lag your system performance.


1. Send your Feedback

- E-mail us your suggestions or comments directly: avfeedback@iobit.com

- Join discussion on our forums.


The top 20 most valuable beta contributors will be given a License for FREE!

And their names will be printed in the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Final version.



2. Share Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 Final with your families, friends, and colleagues

- Share on Facebook

- Share on Twitter

- Share on Google+


3. Download Now

Download from MajorGeeks


4. Screenshot





5. Help us translate

You can find our Language file here:

C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare Ultimate\Language\English.lng (Usually path)


C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare Ultimate\Toolbox_Language\English.lng (Usually path)


Please help us translate both of them via following method:

- Open the '.lng' file with Windows "NotePad" or any other text editors. And you can translate these English words into your own language now.

- All you need to do is translating the words to the right of “=”. Note: Please Do not translate "%s", "%d", "<a>%s</a>" or "<a>%d</a>".

- Please strictly follow the format. Please send your translation to Language files for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate or iobitfeedback@gmail.com


Thanks -so- much in advance!


PS: Here we supply a Language Checking Tool. You can find out some little modification easier. Language Checking Tool


6. Features

• Based on Dual engine: the award-winning BitDefender anti-virus engine and IObit anti-malware engine

• Defends against possible virus infection, while speeds up PC rapidly in the meantime

• Scans and detects more threats, proven by generally recognized testing organization

• Fast scanning ability provides reliable protection against viruses, spyware and other threats

• Real-time and proactive protection detects and stops all kinds of malicious behavior

• Rapid virus database updates provides high-level of detection and keep your protection current

• Scans and removes spyware and adware with the latest definition

• Prevents spyware, hijackers and malicious websites with Surfing Protection Technology

• Monitors PC performance in Real-time with Performance Monitor

• Erases the history of all activities in your computer

• Scans and fixes invalid and improper registry entries

• Detects and removes invalid startup items

• Searches and Cleans up unused Windows garbage

• Repairs system configurations, Eliminates System Bottlenecks and Prevents Crashes

• Tunes up Windows to improve both system and Internet performance, unleashes the power of your Windows

• Analyzes and Shows detailed information of hardware and Windows

• Two Modes to meet all user's needs, finishes all work with one click, Super Easy to Use

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You mention that Advanced SystemCare Ultimate will be available soon.. but you do not mention the Beta version ecept to say feedback is welcomed.


So, is the Beta available now and is there a download link.





itobe has mentioned the Beta in the thread and post titles. :smile:

Beta is not available for public yet, so there is no download link.

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OK Scannan, see THIS thread for "SOON" part of it. :-)






Yes, I have been following that thread since beginning, with great amusement.

However I honestly think the ASC Ultimate thread should just be removed until such time as the Beta is actually available. It is just unnecessary confusion for the members...:?

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FYI, IObit requested the ASC Ultimate section to be opened couple of days prior to the first thread by itobe.




Hi Scannan, it is the wish of IObit that ASC Ultimate section to be opened, so we have to respect their wish.


I believe it is for creation of awareness before it is released and I have to say that this has always been similar when a new software is released by IObit.


The difference this time is that either itobe has forgotten to close the thread or left it open on purpose. :idea:


itobe will edit the first post to include the download link when it is available.



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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate


My email : >> Removed <<

Pls send to me 1 key, thanks very much



You should not post your email address on this or any forum, it allows harvesting bots to grab it and then spam you.

We do not give email support on the forum because the purpose of the forum is to share information with all members.

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New product the same problem without solution


Download the product that replaces iobit Antivirus, after posting the problem of not updating the antivirus database, was hoping that with this new product the problem had a solution, but unfortunately it was not like (let screenshots) , and went up to my previous post the logs asked me iobit engineers to solve the problem, hopefully you can solve this time



Descargue el producto que reemplaza a iobit Antivirus , despues de postear el problema de la no actualizacion de la base de datos de antivirus , tenia la esperanza que con este nuevo producto el problema tuviese una solucion, pero lamentablemente no fue asi (dejo las capturas ), ya subi en mis anteriores post los logs que me pidieron los ingenieros de iobit para solucionar el problema, ojala que lo puedan solucionar esta vez

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Suggestion For ASU


Hello again


in first look ASU is very good, but you need te make some funciones in next version


some Suggestions


1. make a button to scan manual file - look in picture (red line) - this picture is modification by me




2. Very big banner



this is big size of banner and is very ogly - make small banner (this also applies and for ASC 6) for ASU Build Some Informacion example Watch Activity (File System, network Activity) or make some statistic like this example



3. In Simplifield Mode or in Expert Mode , build button Check for Updates make some easy (for noobs)


Thanks and sorry for my language




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The interface is much more rational, intuitive and comprehensive. These attributes will be a collective plus for first-time adopters, and I suspect, a relief for existing upgraders. I no longer have to navigate through a maze of screens. On a more aesthetic note, the interface looks professional. It transcends the small company look and presents a more enterprise look-and-feel without being 'schmaltzy'. (I leave you to interpret that one).


At the technical level, the immediate feedback is the memory footprint is much better managed. I'm impressed in that regard as it is not easy to accomplish. Kudos to your team(s) for that. At a business level, the decision to combine the development streams of the different products into this one surely justifies its moniker of Ultimate.


Nicely done...

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Hi zer0ne,


Thanks for your suggestion and I have written them down and will forwarded them to the program manager for consideration.


Hi all,


Thanks for your good words and we are glad to hear that you like the new UI.


I love this sentence by keesue, "It transcends the small company look and presents a more enterprise look" :mrgreen:

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Smart RAM


W7-SP1 x64


All Smart RAM radio buttons are clicked.


As I recall and I could be wrong about this but when I was Using ASC Pro Smart RAM did not auto clean memory or at least all the memory that it could. So every once in a while I would click on it and then click on Go--->Smart Clean and it would clean anywhere from 150MB to 350MB of memory. I would do this maybe two or three times a day.


With ASC w AV clicking on Go---->Smart Clean freed hardly any memory


Now with ASCU Smart RAM is functioning like it did with ASC Pro.


Now one would think based upon the above that Smart RAM in ASC w AV maybe wasn't working properly. However, I constantly watch my RAM availability even though I know the number is not 100% accurate. I can say almost unequivocally that the amount of available memory when I was using ASC w AV did not go down like it did when I was using ASC Pro and now ASCU.


So ISTM that the Smart Free and Auto Free freatures in Smart RAM were working better and correctly with ASC w AV as opposed to ASC Pro and ASCU both of which require a two or three times a day clicking on Smart Clean to free up memory that appeared to be auto freed by Smart RAM in ASC w AV.


Not a big deal. Just another inconvience like having to leave ASCU to do a restart in order to Defrag the Registry. However in this case of Smart RAM it is a lot more inconvienent because it requires more trouble and effort to manually do what the program should do becauase it needs to be done two to three times a day whereas Defragging the Registry was required every several days or more depending on program updates, insalls and uninstalls.

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Hi sapfir... welcome back!


Hi ...

When fully optimized at me strangely started working online.

For example Download Speed: 30000 kbps

Upload Speed: 60000 kbps.

Restore did not help ...



This is not clear!:shock:


Please describe, elaborate!


You know you post in the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate beta section?




Live long and prosper!




Google Translate/Google переводить:


Когда полностью оптимизирована на меня странно начал работать в Интернете.

Например, скорость загрузки: 30000 Кбит

Скорость закачки: 60000 Кбит.

Восстановление не помогло ...



Это не ясно!


Пожалуйста, опишите, разрабатывать!


Вы знаете, что писать в разделе Advanced SystemCare Окончательный бета-версии?


С уважением,


Живите долго и счастливо!

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This is not clear!:shock:


Please describe, elaborate!


You know you post in the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate beta section?




Live long and prosper!


Yes, I worked with Advanced SystemCare Ultimate beta.

Upon completion of the optimization is very slow to load web pages

I load the file on the site very quickly.

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Yes, I worked with Advanced SystemCare Ultimate beta.

Upon completion of the optimization is very slow to load web pages

I load the file on the site very quickly.


Optimization features in programs like ASCU are not so straight forward. For example, I have a small three computer network at home. The ASCU optimizaton feature was killing the network communications among the three computers by disabling several Windows 7-SP1 "Local Services" Once I figured out what the problem was; i.e. which Local Servcies the optimization was disabling I just told it to ignore its recommendations. After that my network communications among the three computers returned to normal.


ISTM that when the optimization feature recommends a change to your computer you really need to look at each recommended change to decide whether or not to allow it or not. If you tell ASCU to ignore a recommended change ASCU optimization will not recommend that change again.


Clearly the default optimization recommendations by ASCU are based upon some generic this is whats best for your computer. However, we all use are computers differently so you may not want to go with the recommended optimizaton features since they are not consistent with how you like to have your computer set up.


Optimizing a computer almost always involves some trade off. Usually it involves giving up some feature in Windows in order to improve performance. However, many times people don't want to give up using that feature and would rather keep it even if it means that the performance of their computer suffers somewhat.


For example, in my case is I never use the Windows Search feature. I always disable it since I found the drag on my computers' perfromance when it is indexing is not worth the search benefit for me. However, my guess is that most people leave the Windows Search feature enabled.


I also disable the Windows Media services since I have no use for them. In the past I would disable Windows Defender in W7. However, now that my computers have a bit more memory I have chosen to leave it enabled even though I could probably get along just fine by diabling it again like I had in the past.

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