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whats the best web browser?


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I tried most of the browsers and I experienced that chrome came out the fastest and most user friendly. You can change the theme's and there is allot of them. It also has new functions integrated in it. Like the Incognito mode (private browsing). The start up is very fast and doesn't use much memory. But the only bad thing I experienced is when you download Chrome the first time on a computer, it will not respond fast at the beginning when opening some links. By the time using it 2 3 days. It will be normal again. It's seems like he has to recognize some sites. But after a few days, it is very fast!




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My personal findings


Here is my personal opinion:

I tried all the following for at least one week as my Default browser


IE: Probably ok but since I have a NetBook with a 9" screen I need to minimize the bars, after wasting a lot of time trying to do this to my liking and being unsuccessful I became frustrated with it.

Since I have to have it on my Netbook anyway, I wanted it to be the one but eventually gave up on IE altogether.


Chrome: I certainly did not find it as fast as some were claiming.

As for the look and 'feel', ugly is the only way I can describe it.


Opera: Fast, smooth, easy to configure with lots of options and can be made to look very beautiful.

If you have a slow connection then this is the browser you should have a look at as it has the Turbo Mode.

Still not fully supported by all websites, my Netbank does not like it and keeps closing on me.

I have Opera installed and use it from time to time but it needs more Widgets (add-ons) and then maybe I will move from my favorite, which is ..........


FireFox: Fast, quite smooth easy to configure with lots of options and can be made to look very beautiful.

Lots of add-ons to make your web life easier.


I tell my friends to try both Opera and FireFox for at least one week each and decide for themselves :smile:


All the best, woz of oz

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IE8 is much more secure than previous versions and ranks #2 in security, behind Opera.


FireFox is less secure now because it is so popular and wears a big target for malware coders, but it is certainly the most configurable, beautiful, feature rich browser out there.


For complete novices, IE8 is probably the best choice right now ; rather easy to use, secure enough and will work with most sites out there.


I can't live without FF :mrgreen:



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Waiting for Opera


I will very quickly make Opera my # 1 browser when it can somehow and easily do the same as the following FireFox extensions:


Adblock Plus: I know there is a 'version' for Opera but the last time I read about it my mind was boggled. I just want to install it and that's it :wink:


DownThemAll: I have tried evey download manager I could find and none even come close to this gem of an extension. Simple to use, efficient and only a few hundred KB. What more could you ask for 8-)


FlashGot: (not FlashGet) Sometimes it's ability to grab everything on the page can be confusing but it makes download life so easy and is constantly updated :-P


Then Opera has to make the New Tab = SpeedDial an option

Who can read that tiny webpage image, also I can't change the name of the SpeedDial image.

I know many people like SpeedDial but I don't like it at all.


All the best, woz of oz

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google Chrome is the best browser, when i first downloaded it, my internet browsing was running at a lighting speed, i even checked my speed Link Deleted and it was normal 5Mbps too, i was using firefox which chocked my browsing capabilities .


1.when you close a tab, you are virtually terminating the process. This seams to have some interesting implications on the security of the browser

2.Google Chrome also implements a new privacy feature. They call it incognito. Basically if you browse while being in incognito mode, nothing ever gets logged.

3.Another interesting feature which I need to mention is that popups are not blocked but they open in a minimized window.

4.It has a very simple design, which allows us to browse faster than any internet browser out there.

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I have tried most for me i like IE as my main browser its fast and i like its set up. I also have firefox ver 7.01 as my backup browser.


I think chrome is the fastest, but do not like its barebones setup.


as for the others just do not like them we are all different in personal likes dislikes.

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whats the best browser.


i have used ,ie,firefox,google/chrome.ifind them to cluttered with toolbars,which always seem to come back every time i remove them,they occupy far to much of my laptop screen.for me the solution was to download and install gosurf2.,from mmjd.com. only 3mb,ihave v2.84.installed in sept 2011.all fits in to the top 1" of my screen.its never let me down.its also very fast.comes with all necessary basic options.its the best browser ive tried .i would not use any thing else. hope this info is of help.mvg.rs2600

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yes most agree as to what thy prefer,


I think there is not any I have not tried out plus Those used by Linux


And saying whats best is a preference. to what one ether likes or dislikes .


safest there Mostly all the same not that much difference.barring the linking thy all do to there sites.

(Leaking) and thy all certainly do that. if thats a problem to a user then block this and most should be fine to use..speed

well again most are even (and a lot has to do with what the Os is and net speed)


ok my one I use mostly cometBird. then 2nd fire fox. both made near the same behavioral wise tho, are different .IE not Installed!


Mr Bean

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well now this is very fast looks very I.e. ish?


took a bit of trouble getting the English version.(download) but did get it


different yes but very fast!



Thank for the name Of this Browser And I shall use it For a While using this on the new Os Win 8 Preview .and like I said very Very Fast

Mr Bean

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firefox 4 me


I prefer FF over IE, and because im running W7 i can turn it off.


I use adblock plus and better privacy, great to get rid of super cookies (LSO`s).

like the private browsing mode, and have got ASK ME set for all cookies, so i can build up my own white list, which i clear out monthly, and all history is set to delete on browser closure.


Speeds pretty good too turn on comp then to homepage about 45 seconds.


The slowest bit is Adobe flash player, and its stupid settings manger panel

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Hi Toppack


I utilize IE-9 on Vista home premium and am very pleased with it. I understand that it is also fairly secure. I also utilize Mozilla Firefox as well & like them equally about the same. IE9 seems to me just as fast as Firefox.




Live long and prosper!

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hi to both of you


well perhaps that's MS own fault ,and so many changed to other options

If thy had behaved and not forced users to use the default browser in there OS

plus its linking and spying,(tracking)then it would probably still be the most used


to a new user of a PC he or she would not understand any different.but long time users are somewhat reluctant to use IE on past experiences. and the sly ways Ms behaved In the past.


barring all that also fire fox and variants one can utilize more so. its also Easy to tweak ,and carries many features that IE has Not ,


yes I dislike it 100% but that to say its not for the average user to use.


today its more secure than yesterday, as Ms was Made to,

Dropping A all time low With people using it..

then we have trends that change things around I think today things are very different than yesterday. and even the users like myself are starting to relax!

Trust a tiny Bit

Mr Bean

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