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Send Your Feedback for Smart Defrag v4


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I find your great software, good job compared to the previous version.

But, because he has to, but I find that to know the health of the hard drive would be nice too.

So if the hard disk is unstable, we will not replace has a new and not lose valuable data.

As a visible warning on the disk that is at risk.

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Beta 2.0 is a definite improvement over Smart Defrag version 3. It is so much faster at defragging a system than before, and it uses far fewer resources whilst doing so


I have tried a number of different defrag softwares in the past and this eases ahead of them all.


Continue the good work and hopefully nothing major (or minor) crops up

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Hello, Phil here from the USA, I have been using ASC for at least 10yrs, buy 3 licenses each yr, for ASC, Smart Defrag & Uninstaller, also have recommended your products to many friends & acquaintances, many of whom do now use your products. I have never downloaded a Beta product before, I’m computer “literate”, probably more so than the average internet user but FAR from an expert, kind of the average user that uses a home computer.

That said, I downloaded the Beta version of Smart Defrag 4, I have been using Smart Defrag 3 for awhile & all the earlier versions prior to that, my only problem w/V3 was that the boot defrag would never work, everytime I scheduled a boot defrag it would go into “initialize keyboard”, stay there for a minute or so, then it says “keyboard failed to initialize, process will not continue”, it then abandons the boot defrag & boots normaly into Windows 8.1, I checked on line for this problem & found many references to it from Windows 7 thru 8.1, but found no solutions & a number of statements that Iobit didn’t even reply to email support requests for help w/the problem (this is what I read, NOT my experience, I never contacted Iobit directly about it as looking at some of the reports on line it seemed to be a bit “over my head”). This is the main reason I wanted to try the Smart Defrag v4, to see if this had been fixed, it downloaded & installed fine, program loaded fine, seemed to work well when I did the Drive C “Prioritize & Defragment”, it took about 40 mins to complete, then I went to set up a boot defrag on next startup, rebooted the computer & the boot defrag did not work, got the same message that the keyboard failed to initialize & it appeared to then boot normally to Windows 8.1, what did happen though was the icon on my taskbar for ASC was blank, when I clicked on it it said the ASC.exe was gone!, I went to the Windows 8.1 start menu & clicked on that shortcut/icon & got the same message!, when I went into C>programs>Iobit there was nothing for ASC there, smart defrag was there, driver booster etc but nothing for ASC, apparently Advanced System Care was removed from the system!, whether this was done by the defrag program or removed when the program asked to “clean junk files” I don’t know, the clean junk files was a bit of a surprise to me being a Smart Defrag user I had never seen it before outside of ASC.

My system is a Dell all-in one running Windows 8.1 pro, 1Tb HD, 8Gb RAM, I’m running a Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse w/the rx plugged into a USB port in the computer not a separate hub.

So, Smart Defrag seemed to work well, installed easily, performed well, BUT, would not run a boot defrag, same as all my previous versions, will not initialize keyboard, then it apparently deleted Advanced System Care from my computer!

At this point I will probably delete the Smart Defrag beta4, reload ASC & wait to see what happens w/the public release unless you have some assistance or advice on this problem/occurrence.

I can’t understand how the defrag program could possibly delete or corrupt the ASC program unless it was somehow deleted as a “junk file” by that portion of the program, I am not a computer expert by any stretch but have been using them long enough & also using Iobit programs for quite some time so I did not do anything other than run the program as descirbed above.

Thanks Phil

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Hi Phil

Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for such an informative post. I must agree that it would certainly seem that SD B2 did delete ASC. This issue has come up before and it would seem it has not been addressed.

As to support from Iobit, I must sadly say that there has been some issues regarding email/phone support, but Iobit assured thea this would be addressed. It seems it has not been addressed yet.

At the moment it is Chinese New Year so Iobit support on the Forum is not available. I must admit that I personally find this unacceptable, as it is a company marketing a product on an international market, and as such should have 365 support.

Hopefully your post will encourage them to address your issues and improve their support. I do not think ordinary members of the forum are in a position to assist you with your issue as is, as it seems to be an issue that requires software modification. I hope you will continue to use the products and continue to post in the forum.

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So far everything still seems to be working well. Since I have a Solids State Hard drive on the *C:* boot drive it does not do a boot defrag or trim. I don't know if it should **TRIM** the SSD or if it is even an issue.

As for all other operations ALL IS WELL. Thanks for continuing with a super program.


I have noticed severl people mention that their ASC program was deleted during the process of installing and using the SD 4 B2 program. I on the other had DID NOT have any such problem.

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Thumbs upAWESOMEThumbs up


Seriously the Beta is totally good, like the rest of the products. Also, the new interface rocks and matches with the technological 'OS Designs' of today.

The junk file clean feature is nice too. So its a Thumbs upvote for you! :-)

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Came across an interesting bug today. SF4 doesn't recognize that one of my drives is a removeable drive. I have SF4 settings set to ignore removeable drives, but my one small drive still shows up in the list. In the screenshot, Otter (B:) is a 4 GB USB flash drive, while WolffePup (C:) and HP_TOOLS (E:) are a couple of partitions on my laptop HDD. On the other hand, SD4 successfully ignores KODIAK (D:) a 1 TB portable HDD.


Thanks for all your hard work.


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11:28am 2/18/15, It is now 3 hrs and it is still at 95%! What can I do? Please help!


Hi jrcasas,


Sorry for my late reply.


To look into the issue, please download the tool from http://testdemo.iobit.com/SD4InfoHelper.exe


Then double click to run this tool and click “Save report to Desktop”. You will get a zipped file IObit_Debug_Info.zip on your desktop. Please send it to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

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